JACK FM2 wants to change to JACK 3 in Oxford

Jack Media is asking for Ofcom permission to relaunch JACK FM2 as JACK 3 on 107.9FM in Oxford.

The FM licence currently requires the station to be “The station will be the voice for young Oxford through a mix of primarily new and recent chart music with local news, sport and local information, phone-ins, and special local features targeting 15-29s in the city, with a minimum of 7 hours of specialist music programming before midnight each week.”

Now Jack wants to broadcast JACK 3 on the frequency instead, which offers “A music-intensive station playing an eclectic mix of easy hits for the over 50s with local news, sport and local information.”

Ofcom says it has taken a preliminary view on the request and is minded to grant the change, as the changes would not narrow the range of programmes available to listeners in the Oxford licence area.

A similar request was made in 2010 for FM107.9 to switch to a station for over 45-year-olds, but was refused.

Comments are invited before a decision is made, and the consultation closes at 5pm on Thursday 9 January 2020.