Love Sport goes national using Panjab Radio’s DAB slot

Love Sport, previously broadcasting on DAB in London, has started broadcasting nationally on Sound Digital using DAB+.

The station has bought Panjab Radio’s slot after it ceased broadcasting across the UK last week.

Kelvin MacKenzie, the founder of Love Sport, told RadioToday: “Despite the intense efforts of our competitors to frustrate us we have finally got to air nationally, bringing an alternative voice to UK sports radio.”

“With over half of (52%) Love Sports listeners aged 15-34 compared with just 29% of talksports audience, Love Sport are the fresh new voice of UK sports radio.

“We look forward to supplying new voices in the commercial sports broadcast market. As I always say; Love Sport is more Harry Kane, while Talksport are reaching for the walking cane.”

Love Sport will now introduce fan-based programming for football clubs around the UK covers over 40 teams.

New Love Sport fans shows include:

  • Manchester United & Manchester City
  • Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesborough in the North East
  • Aston Villa, West Brom, Wolves, Birmingham and Nottingham Forest in the Midlands
  • Celtic and Rangers north of the border, and Swansea and Cardiff in Wales
  • Portsmouth, Southmapton and Bournmouth on the South Coast

Plus Leeds, Sheffield United & Sheffield Wednesday, Preston and Bristol City will all have their own dedicated shows focusing in-depth on their clubs.

Sound Digital is also currently advertising for a new service to join the lin-up.