Radio Prep Essentials introduces AI to offer latest information

AI is being integrated into the Radio Prep Essentials service with the launch of PrepPad and RadioPrepBot.

Starting in July 2024 and integrating with the existing services which offers aggregated content, show prep and audio imaging, the company’s new PrepPad and RadioPrepBot services will allow presenters and radio show producers to manage content and share all from within the content management system.

Radio Essentials’ Head of Development Stephen Waterhouse said: “Radio Essentials PrepPad is an all-in-one solution for managing content where we provide all the tools and content. Users can save, edit, manage, group, and much more, all through a single interface.

“We are also introducing an AI companion called RadioPrepBot, your personal assistant who will give you the latest weather, traffic, artist information, football updates and local news, all of which can be added to the PrepPad and shared across presenters / stations as required.”

See a video demo of the new services here.