JD and Roisin’s handprints enter Rugby radio history books

Free Radio breakfast show hosts JD and Roisin left their mark when they visited a new housing development in Rugby.

They were invited to leave their handprints for posterity during the visit to the new William Davis Homes development at Houlton, located at the old radio transmission site.

“We’re so proud to broadcast to the area we call home and the opportunity to visit the home of Britain’s first ever transatlantic voice broadcast was one we didn’t want to miss” said JD.

Roisin added: “It was great to be invited to bring our own bit of radio fun to this historic site and have a look at the quality properties William Davis Homes has to offer here.”

It’s hoped the radio pair’s handprints will form part of a special feature within the William Davis Homes development, as a further reminder of Houlton’s broadcasting heritage.

Houlton was named after the town in the United States that received the first transatlantic voice broadcast from Rugby Radio Station in 1927. At the time, Rugby had the world’s most powerful radio transmission station.

Rugby Radio Station has now been transformed into a secondary school as part of the wider development of the 1,200 acre site by master developer Urban&Civic. It includes new homes, schools, shopping areas, community facilities and green open spaces.