What is Radio Bingo and how do you play?

Bingo remains one of the most popular pastimes in the United Kingdom, with thousands of players still entertaining themselves by playing the game each and every day, whether it be in person or via their mobile or laptop.

The popularity of bingo comes in many parts from its simplicity – players have to mark off the numbers on their cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, with the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers. Prizes are also generally awarded to the first players to mark off one line and two lines, before then the biggest prize is given to the full house bingo winner.

Capitalising on the popularity of the game has been a big part of the recent growth of online casinos, many of which will run bingo games each and every day. But what if you’ve become tired of it? Is there any way to spice up the traditions of the game? That’s where Radio Bingo is introduced.

Radio Bingo is a fun mix between bingo and another popular game, Name That Tune, that gives the game some added variety and combines bingo lovers with music lovers all in one place.

Instead of marking off a card that features numbers, players will instead be required to mark off cards that feature songs. The caller in Radio Bingo won’t be announcing numbers, they will instead play a song to the individuals that are taking part, who must then identify that song and mark it off their Radio Bingo card if they have it.

The same rules apply as normal bingo, with players first having to call BINGO when they get one line, two lines and a full house, with their card then being checked to make sure it is a correct claim. Once the claim has been verified, the prize is all yours! The prize on offer will vary between each game of Radio Bingo that you play.

There are a number of different music genres available when you play Radio Bingo, with plenty of bingo bonus games, ensuring you can play games that feature songs that those involved in the game will be able to recall and identify.

These genres include:

  • 80s music
  • 90s Jams
  • 50s, 60s, & 70s Classics
  • Motown Sounds & Party Favorites
  • Rodeo Bingo (Country music)
  • Hollywood Favorites (music from the Movies)
  • Millennium Classics (the 2000s)
  • One hit Wonders
  • Bar Anthems
  • Say My Name (all songs contain a name)
  • Around the World (all songs relate to a location)
  • Specialty rounds for younger audiences – Kids Star and Kids Beat games