Marcus Brigstocke signs up for Jazz FM series

Following on from guest slots over the Christmas period, Marcus Brigstocke is returning to Jazz FM.

The comedian will front a new series called ‘Jazz Family Trees’, whereby he takes an artist and then – much like the game ‘six degrees of separation’ – will show how jazz is a collaborative art form with the artists constantly working with each other.

Artists to be covered include Miles Davis, Jutta Hipp, Sidney Bechet and in episode 1, Art Blakey on Saturday 28th March at 9pm.

Marcus says: “Miles Davis said ‘do not fear mistakes, there are none’ but then he never heard me play my trumpet… or present a radio show on Jazz FM!

One of the things I’ve always been delighted by is the way in which jazz musicians play for each other and then when they lead their own bands, the people they’d played for previously played for them. But in basic terms it’s just an excuse to play some of my favourite music.”

Jazz FM Content Director Nick Pitts added: “Marcus’ series of shows Jazz Family Trees is part of our 30th anniversary programming across the year where we are celebrating Jazz FM through the music and artists that have made us famous.

“This is truly a creative way to learn so much about the artists behind it! Marcus’ knowledge of jazz is deep and a dream to listen to as he’ll showcase the links between dozens of artists is such a down-to-earth way at a time when you really want to lose yourself in some amazing musical choices.”