Radio 2’s listeners vote Space Man as favourite Eurovision UK entry

Radio 2 listeners have voted Space Man by Sam Ryder as their Ultimate UK Eurovision Song.

Listeners were asked to vote for up to five of their favourite songs of all the UK entrants that have competed in the Eurovision final since our first entry back in 1957.

Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz (1981) is in second place, Ooh Aah…Just a Little Bit by Gina G (1996) is in third place, Love Shine a Light by Katrina and the Waves (1997) in fourth and Save Your Kisses for Me by Brotherhood of Man (1976) rounded off the top five.

The full Top 40 countdown hosted by Steve Wright is available on BBC Sounds from today, Monday 24 April and broadcast on Radio 2 on Saturday 13 May, 1-3pm.

Sam Ryder says: “This is just bonkers! We went into that competition as fans and we thought it may be that we come absolutely dead last. But what we can achieve is holding ourselves with a certain grace and respect for being there in the first place, and gratitude first and foremost.

“When we were sat there on the night and those scores started coming in, we were looking at each other bursting out laughing because we didn’t have a clue that would happen. And now this result! I’m just so grateful. Thanks to all of the listeners who voted and everyone at Radio 2 who supported the song from day one – I really honestly appreciate it.”

Steve Wright says: “Sam Ryder’s Space Man has really taken off with Radio 2 listeners! I can’t wait to count down the rest of the chart and see who else has been blasting off into the hearts of Radio 2 listeners as we all look forward to this year’s Grand Final.”

Helen Thomas, Head of Radio 2, says: “We’re thrilled to see that Sam Ryder’s Space Man continues to resonate so strongly with our listeners. It’s testament to Sam’s exceptional talent as a songwriter and performer.

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear all the other stellar Eurovision specials which we have in store on Radio 2 and on BBC Sounds, from Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Eurovision Kitchen Disco to OJ’s Eurovision After Party, not to mention our live coverage of the semi-finals for the first time with Paddy O’Connell and the Grand Final commentary hosted by our own Scott Mills and Rylan.”

The Top 40, as voted by Radio 2 listeners:

1. Sam Ryder – Space Man (2022)

2. Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up (1981)

3. Gina G – Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit (1996)

4. Katrina and the Waves – Love Shine a Light (1997)

5. Brotherhood of Man – Save Your Kisses for Me (1976)

6. Sandie Shaw – Puppet on a String (1967)

7. Cliff Richard – Congratulations (1968)

8. The New Seekers – Beg, Steal or Borrow (1972)

9. Lulu – Boom Bang-a-Bang (1969)

10. Michael Ball – One Step Out of Time (1992)

11. Sonia – Better the Devil You Know (1993)

12. Bardo – One Step Further (1982)

13. Scooch – Flying the Flag (For You) (2007)

14. Mary Hopkin – Knock, Knock Who’s There? (1970)

15. Imaani – Where Are You? (1998)

16. Olivia Newton-John – Long Live Love (1974)

17. Daz Sampson – Teenage Life (2006)

18. Cliff Richard – Power to All Our Friends (1973)

19. Lucie Jones – Never Give Up on You (2017)

20. Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran – Rock Bottom (1977)

21. Love City Groove – Love City Groove (1995)

22. Blue – I Can (2011)

23. The Shadows – Let Me Be the One (1975)

24. Clodagh Rodgers – Jack in the Box (1971)

25. SuRie – Storm (2018)

26. Frances Ruffelle – Lonely Symphony (We Will Be Free) (1994)

27. The Allisons – Are You Sure? (1961)

28. Molly – Children of the Universe (2014)

29. Jade Ewen – It’s My Time (2009)

30. Jessica Garlick – Come Back (2002)

31. Precious – Say It Again (1999)

32. James Newman – Embers (2021)

33. Sweet Dreams – I’m Never Giving Up (1983)

34. Co-Co – The Bad Old Days (1978)

35. Belle and the Devotions – Love Games (1984)

36. Scott Fitzgerald – Go (1988)

37. Samantha Janus – A Message to Your Heart (1991)

38. Jemini – Cry Baby (2003)

39. Electro Velvet – Still in Love with You (2015)

40. Bonnie Tyler – Believe in Me (2013)