Christopher Biggins to narrate Union JACK and the Beanstalk

Christopher Biggins has signed up to narrate Union JACK’s Christmas pantomime with listeners playing the characters.

Union JACK and the Beanstalk will be broadcast on Union JACK Radio’s Breakfast Show, The Full English, on Friday 20 December, at 9am.

Listeners will be invited to audition for the chance to play one of the different characters in the performance over the next few weeks during the programme.

Speaking of the pantomime, Christopher Biggins said: “I’ve been asked to do many things, but never to narrate a pantomime on the radio and with a load of listeners playing the characters. It’s going to be like herding sheep – bravo Union JACK Radio!”

Giles Gear, Programme Manager for Union JACK Radio, added: “This exciting performance tops off an incredible year for us at Union JACK Radio, which saw us brilliantly become the fastest growing commercial radio station in the UK.

“We love to bring our listeners on the journey with us, so what better than providing an opportunity for them to perform in a Christmas panto, narrated by Christopher Biggins and broadcast to the nation?! Listeners need to get in touch quickly for their chance to get involved!”